Why we hand over a report for our customer? Our Proud Paint Protection

certificate of glass coating application

We have wide variety of car detail and wash options to suit every need, and take pride in our works for our customers’ satisfaction. For example, we compile a report on whole processes of paint protection so that you can grasp and confirm the progress of each process. The paint protection work is not only applying coating material but also several works such as washing, masking, polishing, and our strength is that we work diligently for all processes. These are 8 processes of our paint protection work.

1. Wash

Wash and apply by hand clay to take coal tar (pitch) and iron powders off, dry then take the Rego plate off.

paint protection process washing

2. Masking

Cover with masking tape all vehicle parts not subject to the coating.

paint protection process masking

3. Cut and polish Stage 1

Apply cut and polish to repair the paint surface as much as possible to cut scratches, swirl marks, buff marks and stains from rain, water, tree sap, bird droppings, chemicals and other dirt.

paint protection process cut & polish stage1

4. Cut and polish Stage 2

We apply cut and polish once more after the first cut & polish process to have the best possible surface preparation before coating.

paint protection process cut & polish stage2

5. Second wash

Wash to remove compound and dirt from the vehicle such as around the emblem and badges.

paint protection process second washing

6. Degreasing

The degreasing and drying is a pretreatment necessarily to prepare for the best possible surface before coating.

paint protection process Degreasing

7. Paint Protection

Applying our special paint protection to each panel and to detail by hand with the best care.

paint protection

8. Finalise

Check the vehicle body to make sure there is no surface irregularity impurity with hand light.

paint protection finalise

We record working hours and photos of each process, describe those clearly in a report in order to guarantee the quality of our paint protection. You’ll receive your shining car with the certificate of glass coating application.

certificate of glass coating application

We are confident that our paint protection is tried and tested, durable, and long-lasting. Hope you try our most advanced paint protection!

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